An analysis of the Ontological Foundations of Education from the Viewpoint of Empiricism and the Qur’an

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Seyed Aqil Nasimi / Ph.D. Student of Qur’an and Hadith, Islamic Azad University of Semnan
Reza Kuhsari / Assistant Professor, Islamic Theology Department, Islamic Azad University of Semnan    kohsari888@gmail .com
Masoumeh Keramati / Assistant Professor, Esfarayen Higher Education Complex
Jafar Taban / Assistant Professor, Islamic Theology and Education Department, Shahid Mahallati Higher Education Complex 
Received: 2019/06/03 - Accepted: 2019/10/11
Solving the fundamental problems of philosophy, directly or indirectly, depends on our answers and approaches to the ontological questions. Critical analysis of the educational systems of the philosophical schools is among the important issues of the education system. This gives us a fair and conscious approach towards the existing educational theories, and hence, rejects the non-conscious adaptation and imitation in thinking. Using a descriptive-analytical, and interpretive method, this paper seeks to study the ontological foundations of education from the viewpoint of empiricism and the Qur’an. The findings show that, despite some verbal similarities, there are many substantial and semantic differences between these schools which have originated from their ontological foundations. 
Keywords: foundations, ontology, education, empiricism, Qur’an.