The otherworldly Effects of Love of God from the Viewpoint of Qur’an, with an Emphasis on Al-Mizan Commentary 

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 Majid ‘Abbasi / M.A., Qur’an Interpretation and Science IKI
Isma’il Sultani Beyrami / Assistant Professor IKI
Received: 2019/05/11 - Accepted: 2019/10/11

Love of God the Almighty can bring the eternal happiness and enjoyment. Therefore, it is highly important to study the otherworldly effects of love of God. Using a thematic interpretation method and focusing on the commentaries of the Holy Qur’an particularly Al-Mizan, this paper seeks to study the otherworldly effects of love of God. The findings show that, not only the love of God has several impacts on the worldly life, it has several effects on the otherworldly life. In the eternal house, the lover of God attains blessings such as, forgiveness, rescuing from the hell fire, attaining the heavenly blessings, divine satisfaction and fulfilling the desires.
Keywords: love of God, Qur’an, divine love, effects of Love, divine satisfaction.


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