Supernatural Factors of Economic Progress from the Viewpoint of the Holy Qur’an

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* Javad Mahyae / M.A., Qur’an Interpretation and Science IKI
Gholam-‘Ali ‘AziziKia / Associate Professor IKI
Received: 2019/06/07 - Accepted: 2019/11/02
human happiness in different dimensions is based on the specific factors, which is set in the universe. since Islam seeks to provide all-round human happiness in both the physical and the spiritual dimensions, it has introduced the basic criteria and factors for this path. using a descriptive-analytical approach this paper studies the supernatural factors of economic progress from the viewpoint of the holy Qur’an. These factors can be divided into two categories, the internal and external ones. Internal factors include faith, righteous deeds, piety, commitment to religious beliefs, patience, gratitude, forgiveness, charity, remembrance, reliance, and prayer, and the external factors include the divine will in provision.
Keywords: The Qur’an, economics, economic progress, supernatural factors, economics, and the unseen world.


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