The Components of the Political Commentary of the Quran

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h School of Higher Education

Received: 2019/06/18 - Accepted: 2019/08/24                                                            


Among the heavenly books, the Qur'an is the only book which has been preserved from distortion and which is the guide to all human beings as long as this world exists and man lives. The comprehensiveness of the Quran as a book which responds to all human needs and its intelligibility as well as the interpretation of the Quran made by Prophet Muhammad and the infallible Imams have urged religious scholars to interpret the Quran over time and with the rising of new needs, using various sciences and so, its extent has increased over the time. The Quran commentary based on the commentator’s political-scientific expert knowledge is called “the study area of the political commentary of the Quran”—the question on which this article focuses, and like any scholarly piece of writing, it should have specific foundations, methods, principles and criteria for arranging the logical order of any piece of writing. The purpose of such a commentary may, first and foremost, be to recognize the only comprehensive international constitutional law concerning international relations and reject the claim of the duality of religion and political authority. Citing holy Quranic verses, and relying on library resources, the article attains the stated goals and seeks to briefly discuss the main pillars of this kind of commentary.

Key words: the Quran commentary, politics, political commentary, the components of the political commentary of the Quran.

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