The Reasons for the Necessity of Forming on Islamic State in the Age of Occultation

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Hamed Shaad / Ph.D. Islamic Studies (Theoretical Foundations of Islam) Islamic Maaref University  

Received: 2019/03/02 - Accepted: 2019/07/04


The importance of the administration of Islamic society in the age of occultation and the necessity of forming an Islamic state during this period is an important issue that has been a subject of speculation and inquiry since the beginning of the occultation. Using a descriptive-analytic method, this article seeks to prove the necessity of forming such a state by presenting Quranic and textual proofs. It concludes that many Quranic verses and narrations clearly demonstrate the necessity of the formation of an Islamic state in the age of occultation. Referring to the contradictory narrations, this paper shows that some of these narrations are weak and not based on authentic document. Some authentic narrations advocate positive uprisings and approved of them, explaining the indices of positive uprisings and negative uprisings. Other narrations which argue against staging any uprisings prior to The Savior uprising, cannot support their claim because it contradicts the other proofs and narrations, and the arguments they offer against staging non-divine uprisings based on discriminate use of religion and religious purposes, seem limited.

Key words: Velâyat-e Faqih, Islamic state, age of occultation, “Hojjatieh Society”.

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