Cultural Management Method in the Process of Social Activities, Based on the Prophet Solomon's Lifestyle in the Holy Quran

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Zahra-Sadat Mousavi / Master’s Degree Quran Commentary and Quranic Sciences, University of Quranic Sciences

and Education (Qom)                                                                                                            

Seyed Ali MirAftab / Assistant Professor, University of Quranic Sciences and Education (Qom)

Received: 2019/03/12 - Accepted: 2019/05/30


The Holy Quran describes the manner of management and governing of some of divine prophets, who governed society well and in accordance with the cultural and social relations of their age. Cultural management is based on cultural patterns, and sociologists believe that the degree of success of any society in management practices is influenced by the values that govern its cultural context. Now The question which may arise here is whether or not the management based on the principles of Islam and Quranic teachings can be applied to cultural management. The present research uses a descriptive-analytic method, and reviewing the management style and governance of Prophet Solomon in the Holy Quran, the research points out to such principles as “alliance and supervision, punishment and encouragement, reverence, research and inquiry, teaching and correspondence, evaluation and competition creation” and then explains these principles using managerial sources and Quran commentaries.

Key words: principles, lifestyle, culture, management, cultural management, Prophet Solomon, the Holy Quran.

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