The Typology of Imam Ali's Course Confronting the Agents’ Mistakes

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Seyed Mahmoud Zare’ei / Level 3 Scholar of the History and Lifestyle of Ahl al-Bayt at Imam Reza Higher Education Institute

Received: 2019/02/03 - Accepted: 2019/05/28


This descriptive-analytical research aims to explain Imam Ali's methods against the mistakes of his agents. In this regard, this article accurately examines several types of mistakes on the part of Imam's agents, and his reaction to them. Studies show that in the face of economic mistakes, the Imam's method was decisive and difficult to deal with. In cultural-social mistakes, i.e. aristocracy, Imam Ali’s choices were reprimand and recommending simple living; against the political mistakes of the agents, if a transgressor had made a mistake because of his ignorance, it was the Imam's way of tolerating and trying to raise the agent's understanding of Islamic politics, but if the mistake was due to malice and incompetence of the person, the method of Imam was reprimand and dismissal of the agent. At the same time, in the Imam's view, preserving the interests of the Islamic state and the principles of religious ruling has been paramount. In the case of military mistakes of the agents, Imam Ali's method was to warn the transgressor and even to temporarily dismiss him to win the war.

Keywords: Agents, Typology, Imam Ali's Course, Economic Mistakes, Political Mistakes, Military Mistakes, Cultural Mistakes.



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