Doctrine of the End of History in the Thought of the Dominion System and the School of Pure Islam

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Muhammad Ali Kermani-Nasab / MA of Political Science from the Imam Khomeini Education and Research Institute

Received: 2019/03/08 - Accepted: 2019/07/02                           


The West has put forward the doctrine of the looting and colonization of nations' capital as the theory of the end of history; i.e., the West in this theory recalls the evolution of his colonialism. This research seeks to prove that the West in this theory wants to prove his superiority with the intention of looting the nations in his favor. The four colonial theorists, each of them belongs to a period of colonial-type mutation, have theorized for the world of arrogance. But the invalidity of this supremacy is borne out by the rival theory of pure Mohammedan Islam that was revived with the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Of course, the decaying system and the humanism of the West also reached the end of human thought and the scientific stalemate is watching human science.

Keywords: End of History, Islam, the West, Islamic Revolution, Iran.


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