An in-depth Analysis of the Meaning of Repentance in the Qur'an and its Psychological and Social Results

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Neda Sabzi / Ph.D. Student of Educational Psychology, Shiraz University
Babak Shamshiri / Associate Professor, Shiraz University
Received: 2019/05/16 - Accepted: 2019/09/05
Quranic and religious education plays a constructive and useful role in the human personality to the extent that none of the educational schools as much as the Qur'an has paid a great deal of attention to education and the dignity of man. The Qur'an, with a psychological perspective and regarding all existential aspects of human, considers repentance as an opportunity for the guilty to regain his self-esteem and happiness. Using an analytical-deductive method, this paper seeks to study the Qur'anic concept of repentance and its psychological and social influences. The findings show that the concept of repentance in the Qur'an means retuning, that refers to man and God. Repentance also has psychological and social effects that can be a guide to education.
Keywords: repentance, regret, Qur’an, psychological effects, social effects.

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