An investigation into the Discussion of Nature-Education in Personality from the viewpoint of Islam and Psychology

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Mahdi Roodbarani / M.A., Psychology IKI
Abolghasem Bashiri / Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, IKI
Received: 2019/04/17 - Accepted: 2019/09/24
Personality is the main psychological structure of human being and the most important psychological achievement. Meanwhile, the discussion of nature-education which discusses the scope and the effects of nature and inheritance on personality in among the hot debates in the phycology of personality. This paper seeks to find a reasonable answer to this question. Using an analytical-interpretive method, and focusing on the Islamic sources, this survey show that the main factor in this process is the self and the human being itself, though the environmental factors play a role in this respect, but the main factor is the human will, and the environmental factors just have a preliminary role in education. 
Keywords: personality structure, nature and education, behavioral genetics, Islamic sources, will.

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