The Features of Optimal Verbal Communication from the Viewpoint of Islam, with a Psychological Perspective

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Mohammad Hashim Tofighi / M.A., Psychology, IKI
Rahim Narouei Nosrati / Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, IKI
Mohammad Reza Jahangir-zadeh / Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, IKI
Received: 2019/04/28 - Accepted: 2019/10/10
Among all human communication, verbal communication plays a significant role in his communications. Verbal communication is very important in interpersonal relationships. Given the differences between the foundations of Islam and psychology, and the Islamic advises regarding the human being’s communications, determining the features of desirable verbal communication is of important. Using an analysis method, and focusing on the Qur’an and the collections of Tradition and religious texts, this paper studies the features of desirable verbal communication from these sources. The findings show that, there are 24 features for desirable verbal communication.
Keywords: verbal communication, desirable verbal communication, communication skills, Islamic sources, feature.

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