Intrinsic theology by Presence; An Analytical Study of the Opinions of Advocates and Opponents

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@ Ali Ghorbani Kalkenari / M.A. in Philosophy of Religion, IKI                                                                    

Mohammad Jafari / Associate Professor, IKI

Received: 2019/06/08 - Accepted: 2019/11/12


Intrinsic theology by presence indicates that theism is institutionalized in the human nature and enable man to witness his or her relationship with God. In this regard, two completely different views have been put forward by Muslim scholars. Many have endorsed this kind of recognition, but in contrast, some contemporary scholars deny the existence of such knowledge. Using a descriptive-analytical method the views of advocates and opponents of this issue have been carefully analyzed in this paper. The findings show that, all human beings have an intrinsic knowledge of God. It has also been shown that the theory of the existence of “connective being” of Sadr al-Din al-Shirazi is very helpful in rational explanation of this issue. 

Keywords: cognition, nature, intrinsic cognition, cognition by presence, intrinsic theology, intrinsic theology by presence.   

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