The Real Shiites’ Characteristics in Imam Mohammad Bagher (PBUP)’s Wills (8)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Allame Mohammad-Taqi Mesbah


This paper is a commentary on the advices of Imam Mohammad Bagher (PBUH) to Jabir b. Yazid al-Ju’fi, one of his noble companions regarding the characteristics of the real Shiites. On this account, using the guidance of reason in controlling the desires of the soul is one of the another characteristic of the Shiites. According to certain religious principles, man has an internal enemy. There are two categories of inclinations and tendencies in human beings, one is the desire to ascend and perfection and the other is the desire to descend and fall. The second type of tendency is common to humans and animals, which is collectively called “soul desires”. On the contrary, the desires that seek excellence and closeness to God and perfection are called intellect. These two tendencies are always fighting. We must be careful on the battlefield not to be deceived and defeated. To control desires, it is necessary to follow reason. We need to think about the rules of reason, learn them, and be prepared to confront the desires of the soul. When the intellect cannot judge alone, it is necessary to refer to the rules of Shari’a. Imam Baqir (PBUH) says, to apply knowledge, purify practice. Adherence to religion and reason and the rules of Shari’a is the way to get rid of the desires of the soul.

Keywords: soul, intellect, struggle with the soul, the relationship between knowledge and practice.

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