The Qualities of the Real Shiites in the Wills of Imam Muhammad Baqir (9)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Seyed Mehdi Hosseini / Assistant Professor of Islamic Education Group, Farhangian University

Received: 2020/05/07 - Accepted: 2020/09/10


The Islamic education system is designed on the basis of the Right Path, divine guidance and raising  awareness of the ultimate destination and goal, and factors that prevent the ultimate goal. Therefore, the discussion of the Wilayah is very important as a guide and a practical role model. The happiness, perfection, pleasure and dignity of man lies in his closeness to God, and without knowing the Wali of God and accepting his Wilayah, the way for reaching God cannot be discovered. In case of not knowing the truth of the Wilayah and its role in human education, an important element of education is ignored. This research is an analytical study of the intellectual and narrative knowledge needed for the discovery of the truth of the Wilayah and its position in human education. The necessity of relying on the Wilayah of the infallible in order to achieve the sublime goal indicates the importance and position of the Wilayah; of course, in the absence or lack of access to the infallible Imams, it is the turn of the person most similar to the infallible in knowledge and practice Therefore, the Wilayah of God means following the infallibles and following the one who follows the infallibles; since the infallibles’ goal is nearness to God, following this path leads to proximity to God.

Keywords: wilayah, Imamate, Man, Education, Proximity to God.



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