The Position of Religious Education in Government

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@ Asghar Ismaili / MA student of Educational Sciences, IKI                                         

Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Mousavi Nasab / Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, IKI

Received: 2020/06/08 - Accepted: 2020/09/08                                                              


The discussion of the duty of the government towards religious education is one of the important issues in the political philosophy of the government. Every government has a special approach to religious education. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this study aims to investigate this issue  by reviewing the perspective of Machiavelli, liberalism and Islam in this field, and answer the question whether the government has a duty to the religious education of human beings or not. In this regard, Machiavelli argues that all the government's efforts is directed to maintaining power; In the view of liberalism, the aim is to satisfy material needs; But Islam, considering the material and spiritual needs of individuals, considers the duty of government beyond the natural and basic needs of the people and considers itself responsible for religious education and guiding individuals to the path of happiness; And this is what distinguishes religious government from secular government.

Key words: religious government, religious education, Machiavelli, liberalism, Islam.



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