A Study of the Criteria for Ranking the Islamic Values

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Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Mousavi Nasab / Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Sciences, IKI
* Mohammad Saeed Izadpanah / MA in Educational Sciences, IKI     msizad16@yahoo.com
Received: 2020/02/18 - Accepted: 2020/07/30
As a complete religion, Islam has a plan for all aspects of our lives, and none of the areas of human life is devoid of Islamic values. Much research has been done on the induction of Islamic values in various areas of life; But not much research has been done on the ranking and stating the hierarchy of values. On the other hand, to express the position of each value, it is necessary to determine the criteria for evaluating and ranking values so that values can be compared in different areas. Using the descriptive-analytical method, the following research has examined verses, narrations and rational arguments in order to find the criteria that express the existential or hierarchical precedence of one value over another value, and in general has come up with the following criteria: the precedence of legal values over Ethical values, guiding values, the logical relationship among insight, orientation and behavior, the existential precedence of value actions over value traits and the superiority of ultimate values over the underlying values.
Key words: Value, Ranking Criteria, Value Ranking, Islamic Values.

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