The Characteristics of Servitude in Sahifa Sajjadieh

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

* Khalil Arefi / MA in Narrative Interpretation, the Quran and Hadith University of Qom
Mohammad Taghi Sobhaninia / Assistant Professor at the Quran and Hadith University of Qom
Received: 2020/02/26 - Accepted: 2020/07/09
Achieving the goal that God has stated for the creation of man and recognizing the factors that lead man to that goal are among the important issues of all human beings’ lives. According to verses and hadiths, one of the special purposes for human creation is to worship and serve God. Therefore, in order to gain divine satisfaction and reach the truth of servitude, the characteristics of servitude must be known. By referring to the Sahifa Sajjadiyya and extracting derivatives of the word 'Abd and analyzing some of the prayers of Imam  Sajjad, it is understood that the true servants of God have outstanding features and characteristics. According to passages in the Sahifa Sajjadiyya, the true servant of God opposes the devil and sensual desires.He feels in need before his God, but feels needless in front of anyone other than God. A true servant never becomes arrogant before God and spends his life in obeying the commands and avoiding the prohibitions. If he commits a sin, he immediately repents, seeks forgiveness and does not insist on committing sins. He always hopes for the forgiveness of  God and does his best in the divine tests.
Key words: Servitude, Ethics of Servitude, the Truth of servitude, Sahifa Sajjadieh, Imam Sajjad.



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