An Analysis of the Moral Virtue of Patience in Adversities in theLife of Hazrat Zahra (pbuh)

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* Samaneh Kargar Shooraki / Student of level three of Islamic ethics and education of Hazrat Zahra Higher Education
Institute Meybod
Mohammad Ali Mohiti Ardakan / Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy, IKI
Received: 2020/02/03 - Accepted: 2020/06/07
According to Islamic teachings, patience is one of the four pillars of faith and one of the most important moral virtues on which the spiritual development of man in the arc of ascension depends. Undoubtedly, the practical life of the infallibles, including Hazrat Zahra, is the best guide and model for those on the path to nearness to God. Using the library method and the descriptive-analytical approach, the present research provides an analysis of patience in adversities in the life of Hazrat Zahra. Some narrations have divided patience into patience in sin, patience in obedience and patience in adversity. The first two types can clearly be observed  in the life of Hazrat Zahra, but since some narrative and historical reports may cast doubt on her patience in calamities, the present paper tries to analyze the concept of patience and provide a correct and clear depiction of her patience in adversities, and introduce Hazrat Zahra as a role model of patience for the world.
Keywords: Hazrat Zahra, patience, calamity, patient.



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