The Qualitative Content Analysis of Elementary School Persian Books in Terms of the Social Values Stated in Document of Fundamental Transformation of Education

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Seyed Ahmad Rahnamaei / Associate Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences, IKI
* Abolfazl Khoshakhlaq / MA in Educational Sciences, IKI
Received: 2020/01/24 - Accepted: 2020/07/30
The present study is a qualitative analysis of the content of elementary school Persian books in terms of the social values stated in the document of fundamental transformation of education. The present descriptive-analytical study is carried out through the qualitative content analysis method. After reviewing the document and preparing the list of social values in the transformation document with a reliability of 94.11%, the objectives, text, images, questions and exercises of the first and sixth elementary Persian books purposefully selected from among the Persian books as sample were analyzed. In order to mentioned books were analyzed so that in addition to describing some of the advantages and disadvantages related to the social values of the Transformation Document, some suggestions for improving these books are offered. By examining Persian books, it was concluded that in these textbooks, the value of self-sacrifice and patriotism has been given due attention, but values such as trustworthiness, fairness in relations with others, Tavalla and Tabarra, service to the deprived, justice and social efficiency have not been taken into account whatsoever, and contrary to expectations, values have been discussed more in the first grade than in the sixth grade.
Keywords: Content Analysis, Persian Book, Value, Social Value, Fundamental Transformation Document.



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