Economic Education in the Field of Consumption; Goals, Principles and Strategies

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Seyed Mohammad Reza Mousavi Nasab / Assistant Professor at the Department of Educational Sciences, IKI
Received: 2020/01/19 - Accepted: 2020/05/27
Using descriptive -analytical method and religious sources, the present study aims to explain the goals, principles and strategies affecting economic education in the field of consumption.  In the process of economic activities, the field of consumption plays an important role in shaping man’s lifestyle, growth and attainment of sensual perfection. Therefore,  this research investigates the issue of consumption. In order to improve this aspect of life and make consumption patterns in line with the purpose of creation, the need to reform beliefs, pay attention to religious values and strengthen the spirit of public responsibility have been mentioned. In order to achieve moderation in consumption, the need for familiarity with the causes of waste, types of waste and its consequences has been considered. Finally, the need for familiarity with cost-effective strategies and skills in purchasing quality and barriers to managing subsistence have been proposed as principles and requirements to achieve the goal of efficient family management.
Keywords: economic education, distribution, consumption, goals of economic education, principles of economic education, methods of economic education.



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