The Qualities of the True Shiites in the Wills of Imam Muhammad Baqir (10)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Allameh Mohammad Taqi Mesbah

This study is a commentary on the wills of Imam Muhammad al-Baqarah to Jabir ibn Yazid Ja'fi about the qualities the true Shiites. The Imam said: seek the stability of dignity by removing greed, remove the humiliation of greed with the dignity of being disappointed at the favors of the others, and gain the dignity of disappointment by great effort. What is shared by the concepts of greed and cupidity is that a person suffering from these two vices wants to increase his wealth and possessions. One who is greedy wants to increase material wealth by gaining access to the property of others. Cupidity is against man’s desire to be independent and stand on his own two feet. Therefore, the feeling of dignity is one of the innate needs of human beings, which is opposed to the feeling of humiliation, abjection and coveting others’ property. The way to get rid of this vicious trait is to strengthen the feeling of disappointment at the help of others, meet one’s needs without the help of others and improve self-confidence and trust in God.
Key words: cupidity, greed, self-esteem, self-confidence, trust in God.


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