An In-depth Analysis of the Effective Theoretical Foundations in Determining the Realm of Religion from the Traditionalists' Point of View

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Akbar Mirsapah / Assistant Professor, IKI                                                                            

@ Mohammad Hadi Talib Najafabadi / M.A. in Philosophy, IKI                                    

Received: 2020/07/05 - Accepted: 2020/10/19


Epistemological, ontological, anthropological and theological fundamentals have a great impact on determining the realm of religion. This paper seeks to examine the views of traditionalists in this regard. Epistemological pluralism and religious pluralism are the dominant views of traditionalists. Examining the epistemological and ontological origins of this view, this article examines the impact of these principles on religious pluralism. Using a descriptive-analytical method, the effect of these views on the maximum approach to religion, as proposed by the traditionalists, is examined.

Keywords: the realm of religion, traditionalists, epistemology, ontology, anthropology, theology, pluralism.


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