The Role of God's Remembrance in the Flourishing of the Divine Nature of Man from the Perspective of the Holy Quran

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Mohammad Naqibzadeh / Assistant Professor Department of Interpretation and Quranic Sciences IKI

@ Seyed Ali Akbar Hosseini / PhD Student in Interpretation and Quranic Sciences IKI

Received: 2020/04/18 - Accepted: 2020/07/02


All human beings have a divine nature, but this nature is sometimes obscured by various obstacles, hence, it needs flourishing and actualization. In contrast to these obstacles, some factors cause the flourishing of nature, including the remembrance of God. Using a descriptive-analytical and desk-research method, this paper studies the role of remembrance in the flourishing of divine nature in man. Studies show that from the perspective of the Holy Quran, divine remembrance has a special effect on the flourishing of human divine nature. This means that the more one remembers God, the more intuitive knowledge will be, and hence the divine nature of man becomes more flourish. This issue has many effects on the life of the people of remembrance. Purity, continuity, multiplicity and secrecy are the conditions for the flourishing of nature by God remembrance.

Keywords: nature, divine nature of man, factors of nature flourishing, remembrance, remembrance of God.


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