The Real Shiites’ Characteristics in Imam Bagher (PBUH)’s Wills (14)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Allameh Mohammad Taqi Mesbah


This paper is a commentary on the advices of Imam Mohammad Bagher (PBUH) regarding the characteristics of the real Shiites. The remembrance of God in private softens the hearts of Shiites. This instruction indicates that lenity is achieved in private. The heart has two distinct functions in the Quran: the center of understanding and as well as the center of feelings and emotions. The heart understands the concepts very well. Perception, which may include present knowledge, is attributed to the heart in the Quran. Also, love, hate, fear, peace, hope, despair and etc., in general, passive states, whether positive or negative, have been attributed to the heart. The heart is the center of perceptions and emotions. If the heart is healthy, it comprehends the facts as well as the emotions. Lenity is remarkable if it brings man closer to God. A heart that does not understand the truth becomes cruel.

Keywords: heart, lenity, cruelty of heart, alienation.


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