The Methodology of Political Science and Analyzing the Islamic Republic Developments

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Mehdi Rashid / M.A. in Political Science IKI                                                             

Received: 2020/08/15 - Accepted: 2020/12/21


The Islamic Revolution of Iran, which is the most important contemporary Islamic movement and the most influential event of the last century, has attracted the attention of Eastern and Western thinkers of the world. The unique features of the Islamic Republic's monotheistic system challenged the foundation of secular theories, as it challenged the equations of the social sciences, especially political science. The fundamental, methodological and indigenous contradiction of the existing political science with the monotheistic system, has caused the methodological inefficiency of this system in analyzing the developments of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Unfortunately, these shortcomings distort the global arena of Imam Khomeini's movement and has delayed the globalization of Islamic civilization. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper studies the main reason for the inadequacy of existing methods in political science. Furthermore, to show the essential shortcomings of the methodology of secular political science in analyzing the developments of the Islamic Republic, this paper has provided the foundations of the desirable intellectual system.

Keywords: methodology, political science, Islamic Republic, Islamic Revolution, positivism, interpretivism.


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