The Political Participation Grounds in Islam

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Mohammad Javad Norouzi / Associate Professor Department of Political Science IKI

@ Daniel Moheb al-Tahir / M.A. in Political Science IKI                                                   

Received: 2020/08/27 - Accepted: 2021/01/20


The political participation has an important status in political science and is deeply connected to many issues of this science. The practical realization of a political system depends on its ability to systematize political participation. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper seeks to study the political participation grounds in Islam. The findings indicate that the following issues will be the basis for the realization of political participation by a Muslim, which include, submission to divine sovereignty, the necessity of the realization of the Islamic government, the necessity of cooperation and public responsibility, the necessity of respecting the rights and interests of people, the necessity of satisfying the people and the need to consult with them. Thus, contrary to the notion of secularism, the precedence of divine commandments over the views of the people does not mean ignoring the position and role of the people in the Islamic government. Just as respecting their affairs and desires, within the prescribed framework, will not be contrary to the observance of religious rules and laws.

Keywords: political participation, Islamic government, the political participation grounds, religious government.


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