Self-confidence and Resistance; the Soft Power of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

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Hadi Shojaei / PhD. in Political Science IKI

Received: 2020/08/27 - Accepted: 2021/02/14


Self-confidence and resistance are the two determining elements in the production of soft power in the process of realization, victory and continuation of the Islamic Revolution. This paper answers the fundamental question of how the elements of self-confidence and resilience provide the basis for software power? Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper studies the role of self-confidence and resistance in creating soft power. The findings show that, these fundamental components can create a good platform for the production of soft power for the Islamic Revolution through awareness, creating the spirit of self-confidence in nations, reviving the element of struggle and stability among them and providing a model for struggle and endurance

Keywords: national self-confidence, revolutionary resistance, soft power, Islamic revolution.


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