Challenges of International Security System and Solutions of Islamic Jurisprudence

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Qasem Shaban-nia / Associate Professor Department of Political Science IKI

@ Mahdi Jahan / M.A. in Political Science IKI                                                                

Received: 2020/07/05 - Accepted: 2020/11/16


Security is considered to be one of the vital human issues. During World War I and World War II, various theorists made great efforts to establish international security. Numerous views have been made on international security; But the world still suffers from insecurity and fear. Scholars believe that the main source of insecurity and fear in the international system should be sought in the authoritarian and hegemonic structure of the international system. Part of this structure has been created by players, including governments and international organizations. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this paper studies the challenges of international security system and solutions of Islamic jurisprudence. Some of the solutions of Islamic jurisprudence to provide international security are mutual respect between governments, unity and cooperation between nations, fighting against oppressive and domineering governments, reviving the spirit of dignity and authority of nations, supporting the oppressed and deprived nations and legitimate defense to deny domination and creating international security based on justice and unity between states and nations.

Keywords: structure, international security, governments, Islamic jurisprudence.


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