Infallibility of the Prophet from the Perspective of Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa'i

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@ Somayeh Monfared / Assistant Professor Department of Islamic philosophy and theology, Ilam university


Shamsullah Siraj / Associate professor Department of Islamic philosophy and theology, Ilam university

Received: 2021/02/03 - Accepted: 2021/07/15                                                                         


This paper seeks to discuss the issue of the infallibility of the prophets from the perspective of Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa'i, one of the great Imami thinkers. Creating harmony between the three theological, philosophical and mystical approaches, Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa'i (838-912AH), as a person who has an important status in merging different theoretical branches in the shadow of Imami teachings, has proved the infallibility of the prophet based on his collectivist view of epistemic sources. Presenting a commentary on the theory of divine Grace from a theological point of view, taking benefit of the theory of divine Providence with a philosophical approach and finally, paying attention to the status of the caliphatehood of the perfect man and the concept of moderation in Islamic mysticism, he has proved the necessity and the scope of the infallibility of the Prophet. In addition to his emphasis on the apparent position of the prophet and the position of mission, one of the advantages of his view over his predecessors is that he has dealt with the issue of infallibility from the perspective of the inner position of the prophet in the universe and the necessity of his existence (perfect man).

Keywords: Ibn Abi Jumhur al-Ahsa'i, infallibility, divine Grace rule, divine Providence rule, divine Caliphate, moderation.

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