The Rational Analysis of Imam's Existential Guardianship in the Quran and Traditions

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Seyed Mostafa Husaini / PhD student in Islamic theology IKI                              

Received: 2021/01/18 - Accepted: 2021/04/27


Existential guardianship is one of the important dimensions of the Imam and is divided into limited and absolute resignation. The issue of Imam's existential guardianship has long beendiscussed among theologians, and its opponents have criticized it a lot, which shows that some aspects of this issue have not been clarified yet. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss it in new methods. One of these methods is a rational look at the verses and traditions about the Imam's existential guardianship. This method, due to its rationality and logical style, can be less questioned. The rational studies of traditions show that the Imam has limited existential guardianship in the universe, but given the lack of sufficient evidences, it is difficult to prove the absolute resignation of the Imam through rational interpretations. Of course, this can be proved by the traditions that show that the destiny of the world is signed by the Imam on the Night of Power.

Keywords: Imam, existential guardianship, limited resignation, absolute resignation, rational perception.

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