The Characteristics of Real Shiites according to the Imam Muhammad Baqarah Wills (18)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Allameh Mohammad Taqi Mesbah


This study explains the words of Imam Mohammad Baqira to Jabir ibn Yazid Ja'fi about the characteristics of real Shiites. Another of these characteristics is to avoid delays in doing good deeds and procrastination. The Procrastinate means to postpone one's work to another time. One of the roots of procrastination is negligence. Neglect completely prevents a person from doing his work. The secret of human success in life and successful work is to avoid procrastination and seizing opportunities. Another obstacle is laziness and lethargy in doing good deeds. The result of this kind of dealing with good deeds is cruelty of heart. Carelessness, laziness and negligence are also obstacles to accelerate good deeds. The Human life is very transient and short; It is worthwhile to make an effort and enjoy the moments of our lives. Therefore, if one wants to be dear and beloved to God according to the command of Imam Muhammad Baqira, he should hurry in good deeds and not be in trouble with obstacles such as procrastination, negligence, laziness and carelessness.

Key words: procrastination, negligence, cruelty of heart, seizing opportunities.

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