Critique of Human Dignity in the Declaration of Human Rights based on the Views of Ayatollah Javadi Amoli

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Fatemeh Sadat Mousavi Ranani / PhD Student in Islamic Philosophy and Theology, Shahid Rajaei University of Tehran

Received: 2021/02/04 - Accepted: 2021/05/13                                          


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted to honor human dignity and a world without violence, not only did not pacify the world but also added to human problems; Therefore, it seems necessary for solving issues arising from it, to study the factors of its inefficiency, which is the type of attitude towards man and his dignity, and in fact, the approach of humanism and human replacement of God and religion; It also ignores the cultural and social differences of different nationalities. The sacred interpretation of man must replace the secular type for solving issues on contemporary man according to Ayatollah Javadi Amoli’s view. Three strategic approaches are necessary to restore human dignity in this declaration such as 1) to explain the position of the deist man in the revealed system in front of the rational animal in the West 2) Explaining the quiddity and function of revealed rationality 3) Strategies and how to achieve human dignity in the revealed system. This study examines and analyzes criticisms and solutions, while pathologically analyzing the Declaration of Human Rights, especially the issue of human dignity, according to the Ayatollah Javadi Amoli by using a research method and library.

Keywords: dignity, Declaration of Human Rights, God, wisdom, humanism.

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