Investigating Civil Responsibility for Corona Disease Transmission

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Seyed Ali Javaheri / PhD Student in Private Law, Mofid University

Received: 2020/12/27 - Accepted: 2021/04/25


Some issues have been raised because of the globalization of corona disease, one of which is the civil responsibility for the individual through whom the disease is transmitted to another. Proof of indemnification caused by the transmission of infectious diseases such as corona, after knowing the characteristics of the disease and the conditions and causes of responsibility is possible. This study aims to investigate civil responsibility for the spread of corona disease. Therefore, first, some of the characteristics of the disease are stated and then the conditions of civil responsibility for relation to the occurrence of damage from the spread of corona disease are examined. The reasons for creating and eliminating responsibility have been considered by using an analytical method in the following. The general conclusion is that if a person infected with the coronavirus spreads the disease to another and loses his or her benefits, he or she will be responsible for indemnification; Unless the damage can be attributed to the victim himself.

Keywords: Corona disease, civil responsibility, indemnification, rule.

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