Legal Analysis of Military Operations Known as the Olive Branch within the Framework of International Law

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Ehsan Sadeghipour / Master of International Law, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz Branch

Received: 2021/03/17 - Accepted: 2021/05/30                                   


The Turkish government started Operation Olive Branch with help the doctrine of legitimate defense with the aim of establishing stability and peace on the borders and eliminating terrorists in Afrin Syria in January 2018­. International law does not in any way refer to the right to attack another state for fear of being plotted to attack in the territory of another state. What is clear is that "legitimate defense" is allowed only when a real attack has taken place, and in the absence of an element of aggression, it is not permissible to citation for legitimate defense. Therefore, citation for this principle to justify preventive defense is completely unjustified and is considered a clear violation of the UN Charter. The purpose of this study is to examine the operation of the Olive Branch based on the perspective of international law, especially the Charter of the United Nations. This study uses valid library sources and documents and is applied in terms of purpose and descriptive-analytical in terms of method.

Key words: preventive defense, Operation Olive Branch, terrorism, violation of the charter, legitimate defense.

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