The Mechanism for Providing Psychological Security in Family by Studying the Jurisprudential and Psychological Sources

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* Muhammad Ali Hamedani / PhD Student of Islamic Studies, University of Islamic Studies; Level 4 Student at Qom Seminary 
Mahmoud Hassani / MA in Counseling, University of Islamic Studies and Level 4 Student at Qom Seminary
Received: 2021/05/22 - Accepted: 2021/10/31     

The word “amniyyat” (security) is an infinitive from the word “amn” (secure). The word “amn” literally means reassurance, a sense of calmness, and a lack of fear and anxiety. According to this definition, the terms “amniyyat” and “amn” have both positive and negative dimensions; that is, on the one hand, they indicate confidence and peace of mind, and on the other hand, they indicate the absence of fear and anxiety. Psychological security means a relative feeling of relief from danger, and the result of this feeling is a pleasant state that entails physical and mental peace. Using jurisprudence and psychology, the present study has tried to investigate the components that decrease family’s psychological security and to present the mechanism of providing psychological security by proposing security-providing strategies based on these two areas of knowledge. Using the analytical-descriptive method and the perspective of Shahid Avval described as "Masalih-e khamseh" in jurisprudence, the article explores key issues in the field of psychological security. On the other hand, using psychology, it examines the commonalities and differences of these two areas of knowledge in the field of psychological security. However, due to the limited capacity of the article, an attempt has been made to pay attention to the most central factors increasing or decreasing security. Addressing other components of psychological security is beyond the scope of this study.
Keywords: psychological security, family security, jurisprudence, security, political jurisprudence, maintaining reason, psychology.

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