The Impact of Political Justice on the Components of National Security

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GholamAbbas Fayyazi / Master’s Degree in Political Sciences, the IKI     abbas fayyazi
Mohsen Rezvani / Associate Professor of the Department of Political Sciences, the IKI
Received: 2019/05/26 - Accepted: 2019/09/23
Justice and security are two essential prerequisites for social life. Using a descriptive-analytical method, this article seeks to demonstrate the relationship between political justice and national security and explain the profound impact of political justice on the components of national security from an Islamic perspective. Political justice which means people’s institutionalized and active participation in social-political life is the ideal way of exercising political sovereignty; because it is the source of legitimacy, stability and political institutionalization. National security represented in safeguarding political independence, preservation of fundamental values and political development is considered as the particular responsibility of the political system. In Islam, political independence, dominant values and political development are the major factors of building a secure and value-oriented society, to which Islamic teachings give special attention and on the fulfillment of which society emphasizes. 
Key words: political justice, national security, Islamic perspective, political independence, dominant values, political development.

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