The Real Shiites’ Characteristics in Imam Bagher (PBUH)’s Wills (IIII)

قيمت مقاله الكترونيكي: 

Ayatollah Allameh Mohammad Taghi Mesbah


This study is an explanation of the characteristics of the real Shiites from Imam Mohammad Baqir in ordering to Jabir bin Yazid Ja'fi, one of the special companions of that Imam. Another characteristic of true Shiites is that the true believer must be resilient in the face of the slander of others. The Presence says: If someone slanders you, do not be complain and lamentation and impatience, never disturbed; Instead, think about whether what they said is true or false. If it is true, you should not be upset! because being upset about the truth will take you away from God Almighty, but if what they say about you is a lie, you get a free reward without doing anything. This is because man naturally does not want to believe that he is not perfect, for this reason, as soon as they hear their faults from the others, they think that they are lying, while there is no perfect human being other than the infallible presences. In addition, impatience with the words of others is worse than vice and defect that has blamed.  Thus, one of the characteristics of true Shiites is that they should not be impatient to criticize others, but should take it as good omen and seek to reconciliation themselves.

Key words: slander, censorious, right utterance, progeny of the prophet, Quran


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