An In-depth Analysis of the Doctrine of Salvation in Christianity in Terms of the Degree of Monotheistic Faith with an Emphasis on the Views of Allameh Tabataba'i and Ayatollah Mesbah

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@ Seyed Morteza Honarmand / Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Studies Malayer University

Ehsan Torkashvand / Assistant Professor Department of Islamic Education Malayer University

Received: 2020/01/19 - Accepted: 2020/08/07


Salvation, which means salvation in the hereafter, has always been considered by the divine religions. Christian salvation, as a fundamental doctrine, is based on doctrines such as the Trinity, grace, sacrifice, the Cross, holy Spirit, Christ as the incarnate God and savior and giver of new life so that human actions have no role in its creation and destruction. Using a descriptive-analytical method, we found that belief in monotheism is the standard measure of faith that anyone should have faith. Accepting this level of monotheism requires accepting other levels of monotheism as well. Belief in these levels as a whole is a necessary condition for monotheism, and imperfection in some respects hinders ultimate salvation. All levels of monotheism are part of the perfection of monotheism and require righteous deeds.

Keywords: monotheism, valuing the levels of monotheism, salvation and redemption, the degree of salvation, faith, certainty, righteous deeds.


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