A Comparative Study of the Divine Promises in the Holy Qur'an and the Books of Chronicles

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@ Mahin Keramatifard / Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Malayer University mahinkeramati@yahoo.com

Hamed Sanayi'evesal / M.A. Student in Philosophy and Theology Malayer University  aboalisana1212@gmail.com

Received: 2020/01/07 - Accepted: 2020/07/09


The word promise generally means a promise to do something at a specific time or place in the future that the word "Va'd" is used for good news and the word "Vae'id" is used for bad news. According to theological discussions and verses of the Holy Quran, God fulfills His promises and His promises are never broken. Paying attention to divine promises is a method for encouraging people to obey God's commands and abandon divine prohibitions. Using a comparative-analytical approach, this study has examined the divine promises in the Qur'an and the books of Chronicles, especially the promises that God has made to David and Solomon (a.s.). The findings show that God's promises to David were fulfilled based on the Qur'an; but the Qur'an does say anything about the fulfillment of God's promises to Solomon. Of course, according to the history, they are also realized.

Keywords: Qur'an, Law, David, Solomon, Divine Promises.


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