The Conceptual Framework of Civilization from the Perspective of Allameh Misbah Yazdi

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* Abuzar Mazaheri Moghaddam / Assistant Professor Department of History of Contemporary Thought IKI
Yaser Solati / Level 3 of Qom Seminary
Received: 2021/07/16 - Accepted: 2021/09/28


Providing an accurate definition of civilization is the key to entering into the discussions of civilization. Using a descriptive-analytical method and focusing on Allameh Mesbah's definition of the concept of civilization, this paper seeks to provide a detailed analysis of civilization and the components of this concept so that its intertwined and hidden layers become more visible. In analyzing the definition, and separating the concepts as well as the topics, we are faced with four main topics in the definition of Allameh Mesbah; general characteristics of civilization; infrastructure and foundation of civilization; building civilization; and the process of civilization based on the pyramid of macro-human needs. In this research, an attempt has been made to distribute the concepts of definition in categories in order to prevent the semantic form and dispersion of the concepts and terms of definition. In this definition, civilization is a concept that describes the major features of human life; an umbrella that overshadows all social activities; it speaks of people who have a kind of organic and physical unity and their lives have a kind of stability. Those who, by dividing social activity and using all material and immaterial blessings in natural and artificial form, effort to meet needs, ward off risks, enhance benefits, and achieve ideals.
Keywords: civilization, culture, system, civilization engineering, civilization needs pyramid.


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