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Translated by Hasan Usefzadeh

Constructive role of Remembrance of God in life

Ayatollah Mesbah yazdi

Human beings naturally seek perfection. He loves and endeavors to reach everything that causes perfection of humanity. But this is impossible without using appropriate instruments in order to attain them. Knowing the instruments and qualifications and ingoing them along with hope and honor effort, one can attain his favors. This means that “hope” without knowledge has no efficiency. Recognizing the real hope from the lair one and having hope to the divine satisfaction and necessary motive are some of qualifications.

Keywords: hope, awful, heaven, hell, lair hope, real hope.

Remembrance of God in the Military Sire of the prophet Mohammad (s.a.v), Imam Ali and Imam Hussein (a.s)

Amin Ali Rostami

much emphasis has been in regard to religious teachings on God and his appeal in all matters of life. Attention to sire of infallibles (pbuh) in this way can be useful. Present written survey this issue with an analytical and theoretical approach to investigate the Sire, especially in military affairs. In the method of the infallibles Remembrance of God and helping others to give to this fact, in all military situations, ranging from preparation Corps, combat difficulties, failures, successes and deal with conspiracy and intrigue, is very bold and prominent.  

Keywords: Theo centrism, sire of Prophet Mohammad, sire of Imam Ali, sire of Imam Hussein, military sire, military hardware conditions, victory and authority.

Tolerance with the antagonists in the sunnah and sireh of the infallibles.

Sayyed Mohammad Ehsani

Tolerance is one of the ethical principles of Islam. Prophet Mohammad and his successors (sa) have always emphasized on tolerance with their antagonists except where it was against the interest of basis of Islam and against public interest. In this research we try to discus on tolerance as a principle in the sireh of infallibles. This can be both answers to enemies of Islam who think that our infallibles want to behave violently, and be useful to followers who want to take interactions of infallibles their antagonists as a pattern. This research theoretical and analytical approach to some cases that our infallibles tolerated with their antagonists, and cases they behaved predominantly.

Keywords: Prophet Mohammad, infallibles, tolerance, remission, antagonist

Reviewing the Shia uprising with an approach to the slogans and symbols

Ali vahedi

Movement and Shia uprisings in the history of Shi'ism have special prominence and in any period of time have found a special form. It needs an independent look into the ideals and goals of the uprising. Important to note is the common goals of all this uprisings. That is, despite a large interval between some of the insurrection, the main cause of this uprising is common issues. These ideals are sacred ideals, they derived from religion in one hand and On the other hand reflect the needs of society. With an analytical and descriptive approach this paper is going to explain and analysis this ideals and goals and show that the Shiites with these movements sought to gain and implementation of what has been sacred ideals.

Keywords: ideals and objectives, Shia uprising, practicing tradition and the book, Jihad with the unjusts, implementation of justice, help the family of the Prophet, have enjoined goods and forbidden from denied.

Essays on the life of Hashim Merqal, proud Sardar of Islam

Mohsen Rafat

This paper is a query about life Hashim ibn Otba ibne Abi Vqqas nicknamed "Hashem Mrqal" that battled sincerely and bravely and finally was martyred in the war of Siffin and was considered as one of companions of Imam Ali (A.S). This paper using different sources, tries to analyze historical reports on life of Hashem. Based on the findings of this study, Hashim was among the closest companions of Imam Ali so imam praised him. Due to the courage and special affinity with the imam, Hashem was hated by Moavie.

Keywords: Hashem Merqal, Imam Ali, Siffin War, Moavie.

A glance at the life and personality of Faiz Kashani

Khadem Hussein Fazeli

Faiz, was born in a family of theologian.  He learned near the great personalities and Became expert in various sciences. Finally, wrote some books. In addition to training a number of great personalities, two hundred works left behind. He was famous because of his Piety and has pure expression in Interpretation, ethics, jurisprudence, mystic. He has used Quran and hadith in his views. First, he has looking at the jurisprudence. In his final emulator followed the Quran and Hadith. When he was young he was Seeking unity among the Sufis and the opponents. And because of this the ratio was inadmissible to Faiz. Finally, he wrote that Sofia behavior is against sharia. This paper documents try to portray the character of Faiz and evaluate data such as Sufism about him. 

Keywords: Faiz Kashani, personality, knowledge of  feiz, Sofia, Hadith and poet postulates

Value of knowledge of ancient and modern non-Muslims in the thought of Sayyid Qutb

Karam siavoshi

Among Muslim thinkers and scholars over the status of knowledge and competence and material achievements in the field of human world, intellectual and cultural, we can speak more and more. These articles seek to explain the views of Sayed Qutb, leading thinkers of the Islamic world in this area. For this purpose, we had analytical and critical study of major his works in the field of Islam and the Quran, and we have implemented and compared his views with contemporary Shia scholars. He looks to education and achievements of non-Muslims, particularly scientific and cultural and political world of the West with pessimism and hate. And knows the results and consequences of the material culture of the West- despite its Beautiful and stunning looks- harmful to humanity and assess it contrasts with God's guidance route. This paper has Analytical and descriptive approach to the thought of Sayyed Qutb in this field.

Keywords: Sayed Qutb, old and new education of non-Muslims, knowledge, theology, Islamic philosophy.

Angel fashioned ignorant Arabs

Nohammad Taher Rafeei

Age ignorant people were diagnosed with various types of idolatry and worshiped the various creatures instead of God. Including, among them divine angels were abundant, to where they knew best creatures after God. And they worshiped as sons of God. This article, based on the Holy Quran, with traditional analytical approach, seeks to investigate the position of Angels among the ignorant Arabs and explain motivations of their idolatry and worship of angels. As obtained from the species of existing resources in this field, Angel fashioned, in terms of importance, has been at the head of all the species of Arabian idolatry. And angels were most honorable among them. So that they knew Effective in create and manage the affairs of the world.

Historical Study of Islam and Shi'ism to Yazd

Tayyebe Rahimdel Meybodi

Yazd is a city with a brilliant heritage of Islamic culture. The influence of Islam as the last of this heavenly in this region dates back to the first century AH…  Through this article realized that what have effective role in people of Iran to accept to Islam, is the simplicity of the teachings of Islam and equality it set for all. And this has caused, especially to people of this land with open arms to embrace Islam and its teachings and from the start love household of prophet (PBUH) have been to prove it formally either the reservation or later . In this paper, we try to have reasonable and logical analysis to the issue.

Keywords: Yazd, Yazdegerd the Third, Islam, Muslim Arabs, Shia, Atabak